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Special Interest Tours

We know that there are all manner of special interests that inform how you plan a trip. All of our tours are custom-made and we use our extensive knowledge to design the best itinerary for you. Whatever your group is interested in we can put together an interesting yet fun itinerary.
Our team of professional and experienced Tour Managers also have various specialisations so we will always match the right Tour Manager with the right group. But at any rate, they’re all experienced in looking after people.

Performance & Theatre

We can help you give your group unforgettable experiences of performing in fantastic venues and we also organise workshops and meeting with directors, actors and writers. If your passion is watching rather than performing, we can arrange tickets to all the best shows.

Culture & the Arts

Whatever your group has in mind we can help you put together a cultural tour whether it's in London, elsewhere in the UK or in Europe. With our in-depth knowledge of art galleries, museums, castles and stately homes we can help you choose the places you'll enjoy most.


England has to be one of the best places in the world for garden-lovers with lush green lawns and colourful flowerbeds in abundance. Many of our stately homes and castles have beautifully designed gardens so it's easy to mix in a bit of history as well.

History & Royalty

What a wealth of historic sites to visit we have in both the UK and further afield in Europe! From royal castles to stately homes and art galleries, there is plenty to keep the most avid history buff happy. Just let us know what your personal interests are and we'll put together the perfect tour.

Mother and daughter with baggage trolley at Harry Potter's Platform 9 3/4

Film Location Tours

So many amazing films are set in London and the around the UK that it’s easy to add this element to any tour.
One of the favourite tours visit the locations of the Harry Potter series of films and includes visits to London, Oxford and Gloucester.

Circle of flattened barley in foreground with man standing behind

Crop Circles

The area around Stonehenge in the south west of England is particularly renowned for its Crop Circles, which mysteriously appear in summertime in the fields planted with barley and wheat. Some of the circles are quite simple but many are extremely intricate and whatever their origin they are still fascinating to visit.

Depending on Crop Circle activity at the time, it’s usually possible to visit them with a specialist guide and you can even take a flight across the area to really get a bird’s eye view.

Food & Wine Tours

There are all sorts of possibilities for food and wine enthusiasts! We can organise tours of the UK to take in local specialities from artisan breweries and distilleries, to pork pie and cheese producers.
In France, we can arrange tours of the Champagne area or further afield to any of the wine producing areas such as the Loire Valley.
Italy, of course, has dozens of possibilities and each Italian region has its own specialities and cuisine. Wine is produced throughout the country but Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily are some of the most popular regions for tasting tours.

Long table with boards of cuts of different cheeses
Ruins of Fountains Abbey, Yorkshire in the winter sunshine

Pilgrimages & religious tours

We can arrange pilgrimage tours for groups and we particularly specialise in the UK and Italy.
Regligious tours of England can include Canterbury, Salisbury and Glastonbury or York, Lindisfarne and Fountains Abbey.
Italy has St Michael’s shrine, the Basilica of St Francis at Assisi and the Basilica of St Anthony at Padua and of course the Vatican.